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Offerfair & Corona Covid-19 Virus

The Offerfair storage facilities, in line with current government advice, remain open.  This applies to both current customers who wish to access their units and any new clients that would like to book a storage facility. Typically there are not many people in the buildings at any one time.  However, we would emphasise that you […]

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Self-Storage for Autumn House Moves

Autumn is a peak time for house buying and selling, as buyers look to move into their new homes before Christmas. Self-storage can be useful at any stage of the moving process; it could be for storing possessions prior to the house sale, self-storage for during the move, storage whilst in temporary accommodation, or storage […]

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Top Tips for Successful Self-Storage

Planning on moving soon and need self storage? Maybe you are having some renovations done? Or maybe you are just looking to make some extra space at home? Whatever your reasons for self-storage, it’s always a good idea to consider a few important things before using self-storage and we hope our top tips will help […]

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Downsizing for Retirement

The idea of downsizing for retirement is often met with mixed emotions by many facing the decision. On one hand, there is the excitement of having more freedom in your life to do what makes you happy, but there’s also the stress of moving out of your family home to a new location. Either way, it is a big transition […]

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Here’s How to Find Us

We have three Offerfair storage sites now in Hastings and St Leonards, with another two in St Leonards opening soon. All our sites are conveniently accessible by car and have ample free car parking whilst you load or unload your items in and out of storage. Please note that our postcodes cover quite a wide […]

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What Documents Should a Company Keep and For How Long?

The question ‘what documents should a company keep?’ is asked a lot by company directors, accountants, bookkeepers and general office staff, and the Companies Act 2006 details how long documents should be kept for. We’ve pulled together some of the more common document a business should keep (together with the length of time these should […]

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Don’t risk it – Self-store it!

Tools and Equipment Storage Tools and equipment are essential for the smooth running of small businesses and trades, and we recognise the importance of keeping them somewhere secure, dry and easily accessible. Our self-storage units in Hastings and St. Leonards are perfect for tool and equipment storage for self-employed tradespeople and contractors. Many tradespeople don’t […]

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Self-Storage Tips for Business Archiving – Create space in the office with our self-storage archive tips

Even in today’s digital age, many businesses have lots of paper documents taking up valuable space. Most companies know that some documents should generally be stored for a certain length of time, but a lot of companies struggle to find the space. Many simply don’t have extra storage space to archive physical copies of everything […]

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How to Pack a Self-Storage Unit

Once you’ve booked your self-storage unit, here’s some useful tips to help you pack your self-storage unit: Prior to putting your belongings into a self-storage unit make a list of all the items you’re putting into storage and keep it for reference. Pack as much of your belongings in strong boxes as this will make […]

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