Time to get Organised….Declutter your office for a much more productive work space

A desk filled with lots of paperwork and an office filled with clutter can be really disruptive to productivity, makes for an unpleasant looking working space, and is a bad habit that businesses should try to avoid.


If you’re finding that you’re outgrowing your current workspace and need to declutter, here are some of our top tips for helping create a tidier and more productive work space.

Go Paperless

Eliminating paper, or almost going paperless as we know it’s hard, is a great way to physically declutter your office, but you’ll still need to be organised so that important information doesn’t get lost and can be easily accessed.

A Deep Clean

A proper clean by a contract cleaning company can make a huge transformation to your office. Your office will look all clean and shiny and it will also force you to declutter in the process!

Evaluate Everything on your Desk/in your Cupboards

Go through everything on your desk and in your cupboards and ask the following questions.

  • Does the item have a purpose?
  • Are you keeping it because you need it, or you might need it?
  • Did you even remember it was there?

That should help you decide what you need to keep and what can be disposed of or archived. And once you’ve decided what you’re keeping, then give everything a ‘home’ – if things don’t have their own space, your desk becomes a home for everything!

Tidy your Desk at the End of Every Day

Spend 5 minutes at the end of every day tidying your desk. Starting your day with a messy desk is only going to get more chaotic as the day goes on, so make sure you commence with a clear and tidy desk.

Better Storage Solutions

Many businesses find they outgrow their original premises, but it isn’t the right time to move, this is where self-storage can come in, meaning you can archive all the things you don’t need on a day to day basis, but know they are close to hand when you do. Contact us to discuss our self-storage solutions for local businesses.

Have you got any more tips to keeping your office tidy and clutter-free, follow us on Facebook or Twitter or email us and let us know your top tips!

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